Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Boy Nursery Ideas

Boy Nursery Ideas

One of the most exciting things to do is to turn a bedroom into a nursery for your baby.

Boy Nursery Ideas Minty Fresh Baby Nursery Decorating Idea. Each piece of furniture

Lots of natural blues and browns work well for baby boys rooms.

Mister Finnegan Nursery | Baby Boy Nursery Design Ideas

And using those popular colors make it very simple to find bits and pieces for the nursery.

Prepping for the Nursery: Ideas!

Jungle or animal themes are always popular and off visual stimulation too plus baby can row into those.

Boy nursery ideas

Dinosaurs are also a popular theme for boys if you are looking for something they can grow into and enjoy.

Boy Nursery Ideas having a little boy and have pretty much finalized

Just think about making the nursery fun and calm, and keep it simple initially and then you can always add to it as they get older.

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Boy Nursery Ideas


  1. Under Boy Nursery Ideas, the fourth picture down is great! Any idea where the white and brown crib and dresser is from?

  2. the fourth picture down..where would I find the letter bedding at?