Thursday, 6 January 2011

Boys Room

Boys Room

Making your boys bedrooms different and exciting may seem hard but isnt really.

Boys Room White & Platinum elfa Boy's Room. elfa is simply smart

Your theme for a boys room should probably come from yours boys and what they like.

boys rooms,boys

If your son has a favourite sport or team then this is pretty easy.

Colors from your boy's favorite superhero's outfit can be used

That probably wont apply to younger children, so use favourite colors or animals that they like as an inspiration.

 Featured in Living Etc. magazine, this colorful boys room

One point to remember is to leave room to grow with the child.

 I know it's supposed to be a big boy room, but I couldn't resist leaving

Or do it in such a way that its easily changed as your boys and their tastes change.

 Lot's of play room, and that rolling ladder leads to such

Make sure you talk to your child and be sure (as much as you can) that they will like the new space and style being created for them.

Boys Room I've got to convince one of my 3 boys to have a super hero

Decorating Ideas

Boys Room

Boys Room

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