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Paint Colors for Boys Bedrooms

Paint Colors for Boys Bedrooms

You want give you child the choice of colors, but sometimes those color choices are a bit bold for adult tastes. But you can still create a room for your child that you wont hate to go into. By toning down the color or mixing it with items that lessen the damage you can make it a lot less severe

Paint Colors for Boys Bedrooms Boys bedroom paint colors - stars theme

Kids love bright colors so you need to allow them to have their colors and not let it take over.

Here are some great ways to create a baseball theme boys bedroom

Try blues, greens, yellows, reds, and warm neutral colors such as cream, tan, and brown. If you dont want a strong color like red to take over, try using it as an accent and on 1 wall, rather than letting it take over the whole room.

Boys bedroom paint ideas - blue sky. Boys

Try a particular color scheme and put the quietest colors on the walls and the other strong colors in the accessories and the accents. Red, white and blue is a common one that it popular, just look at how many world flags use that combination. Cool colors should ascend, whites and blues and green, with pink, red and yellow as accents.

Paint Colours for Kids Bedrooms How to Choose Paint
kids rooms decorating interior paint colors
Use the Simply Stripe Border to seperate any two paint

Ikea Children Room

Paint Colors for Boys Bedrooms

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